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Greg Kearney - Entrepreneur

"Kathryn has a unique authenticity and transparency that was really important to me.

Kathryn is someone who has great insight and has a broad range of knowledge and understanding from her own experiences.

For me, it brought real personal breakthrough and clarity. A coach is more inclined to see a blind spot and do it quickly and bring change that you, your friends, and your network are just not seeing.


If we're willing to change some of our own behaviours, we'll be better leaders for it."

Sarah Nolen - Small Business Owner (Blackbird Design)

"Kathryn really listens. You really feel like you're her priority. I was struggling with being assertive. We would role play exercises and then I was able to put that into practise. It has allowed me to feel more confident.

Every single time I left a session, I just felt really confident being able to direct our team better and delegate tasks more easily. Kathryn’s been able to help with my leadership, to be able to know my team and how to respond and react to them.


She just has a great ability to ask the right questions, to really hit things on the head."

Our Clients Say

“I've been in the community services space for 12 years, and working with Kathryn has enhanced my leadership skills and ability to delegate tasks effectively within my team. Her input has not only helped me develop personally but has also contributed to the growth of our team. I highly recommend reaching out to Kathryn for her assistance in improving yourself and your team. Since working with her, our team has significantly improved productivity and established a strong foundation for our business going forward.”

Mark Pietch, founder of Ability Links and the NSW Director of Physical Disabilities in Australia

Here's what other leaders have to say about our transformative coaching sessions

"I enjoyed the program. It helped shine a new perspective or light on things that were keeping me stunted. Kathryn you were kind insightful & patient."

Sabrina Anderson

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