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Areas of Expertise
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Areas of Expertise

Leadership Mindset

What is a Leadership Mindset?

A mindset is simply the way we think. So a leadership mindset is the way we think about ourselves, and our approaches, intentions, motivations, choices, and behaviours as leaders.


How might I benefit from Leadership Mindset Coaching? 

The following benefits are experienced through Leadership Mindset Coaching:

  1. Greater self-confidence

  2. Ability to be assertive when necessary

  3. More clarity for which battles to fight and how – and which to leave alone

  4. Strengths awareness – so you can develop your ‘personal brand’ and a clear career or business growth pathway

  5. Insight for who you need to support you, and a plan to recruit them.

  6. Removal of self-blockages – to get rid of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, negative thinking patterns

  7.  Flexibility of thinking – enabling you to pivot when you need to

  8.  Manage stress & re-discover your passion for the work you do.


Leadership Mindset Coaching empowers you to ‘feel the fear and lead anyway!’

Executiv, Busness, Life Coaching
Executive, Business & Life Coaching

Our coaching services cover a wide range of topics, from working through professional challenges and achieving professional priorities, to improving communication skills, emotional intelligence, and organisational performance. We also specialise in management of staff and teams, organisational culture, and transition to a new role or retirement.

Whether you're looking to improve your time management skills, enhance your leadership abilities, or achieve a better work/life balance, we are here to help. We provide personalised coaching sessions that are tailored to your specific needs and goals, using a variety of proven techniques and approaches to help you achieve sustainable success.

We work with individuals at all levels of the organisation, from mid-level managers to C-suite executives to achieve breakthrough results in their careers and personal lives.

Businesswoman Portrait
My Approach

My Approach

A holistic approach to work and life

We bring our whole selves to our work. Whether it's your business, or someone else's, your wellbeing matters.


At Release Coaching we offer an approach to Business Coaching that takes your lifestyle preferences, and personal situation in to consideration. Equally, when we do Life Coaching, we evaluate your satisfaction levels in all areas of your life, including your work. During our working years, are work and life really separable?

So, whether you are seeking business coaching, life coaching, or a combination of both, at Release Coaching, we ensure your business prospers - without your life suffering, and visa versa.

Benefits to a holistic approach to busines and life coaching:

  1. Improved decision-making.

  2. Greater balance between work and personal life, such as relationships, health, and spirituality.

  3. Increased productivity and creativity.

  4. Enhanced well-being leading to more fulfilling and satisfying work and life overall

  5. Stronger connections and improved communication leads to healthier relationships with team members, family, and friends. 

Overall, a holistic approach to business and life coaching leads to greater fulfilment, balance, and success in all areas of your work and life.

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