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Lleadership mindset is the way we think about ourselves, and our approaches, intentions, motivations, choices, and behaviours as leaders.


Leadership Mindset Coaching & Workshops

What is a Leadership Mindset?

A mindset is simply the way we think. So a leadership mindset is the way we think about ourselves, and our approaches, intentions, motivations, choices, and behaviours as leaders.


How might I benefit from Leadership Mindset Coaching & Workshops? 

The following benefits are experienced through Leadership Mindset Coaching & Workshops:

  1. Greater self-confidence

  2. Ability to be assertive when necessary

  3. More clarity for which battles to fight and how – and which to leave alone

  4. Strengths awareness – so you can develop your ‘personal brand’ and a clear career or business growth pathway

  5. Insight for who you need to support you, and a plan to recruit them.

  6. Removal of self-blockages – to get rid of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, negative thinking patterns

  7.  Flexibility of thinking – enabling you to pivot when you need to

  8.  Manage stress & re-discover your passion for the work you do.


Leadership Mindset Coaching & Workshops empower you to ‘feel the fear and lead anyway!’

Executiv, Busness, Life Coaching
Leadership, Business & ADHD Coaching

What stops most businesses from growing? You! That might be hard to hear, but by releasing the leader in you, we enable you and your team towards success.

Coaching enables you to work through challenges, achieve priorities, improve communication skills, and enhance your emotional intelligence. This flows onto giving you the clarity and confidence you need to lead your business to greater profits.

Founded in empirically proven approaches in positive psychology, and neuroplasticity, we keep up to date on what enables you achieve real and sustainable success.

Here are some common issues someone may seek coaching:

  • Navigating difficult political dynamics within the team

  • Shifting organisational culture

  • How to transition well to a new role or retirement

  • Prioritisation and time management challenges

  • Seeking a more holistic approach to work and life

At Release Coaching, no 'one program fits all'. We provide personalised coaching sessions that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. We believe everyone is unique and needs to be treated as such. Be "Released" into your best self today!

Executive & business coaching enables you to work through professional challenges
Leadeship Strategy
Strategic plan for leadership development across your business

Leadership Strategy

Create a strategic plan for leadership development across your business.

Lift individual and collective performance by creating a positive, productive and enjoyable place to work. Psychological safety is now a Work, Health & Safety requirement, but also enhances employee retention, reducing recruitment costs and providing ongoing customer care. 

It has now been empirically proven that leaders who embrace authenticity, and the importance of relationship and empowerment of others, automatically enhance productivity and performance in both themselves and their teams. 

Release Coaching assesses the needs of your leaders and creates a strategic plan that ensures your leaders set such a positive and productive culture. The use of assessment tools such as 360 degree feedback,  personality profiling and identifying high potentials, all contribute to the creation of a robust strategy that guarantees transformation in your leadership. 

From  creating a coaching culture, through to management training & succession planning, Kathryn will give you the clarity and direction you need for building successful leaders across your organisation. 

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